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With 15 years experience and our engineers fully qualified to industry standards, Max Cooling is the sole solution for all your Air Conditioning and Refrigeration needs…

Max Cooling specialise in the design, installation, service and maintenance of refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation systems for commercial, industrial and residential properties.

For example

A 3kw electric fire will draw 3kw of electrical current whereas many of the latest air conditioning equipment can achieve 5kw of heating from 1kw of electrical current.

If a system spends 50% of an hour on, with a 3.5Kw cooling or heating capacity to 1Kw (1000 watts) of electricity consumed, an estimation cost of running the system is 3p an hour!

In an attempt to encourage the increased use of such energy efficient products, the government is now offering a reduced VAT rate of just 5% on all heat pumps installations to a domestic property.

By encouraging the above, the government has made a positive step forward that will have a dramatic effect in reducing carbon emissions.

Max Cooling can also offer our services in fault diagnostics, breakdowns and we also offer an emergency call out service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We guarantee a professional, friendly and efficient service from start to finish and we are extremely confident that you will find our prices very competitive.

Warm up your environment

Save up to 80% on your heating bills!

The term ‘air conditioning’ has been associated solely with cooling the customers desired location.

However, nowadays virtually all of todays air conditioning systems obtain heat pumps which provide the option to heat and cool for total environmental control all year round.

With the latest inverter heat pump technology, it is now possible to reduce your heating bills by up to 80%. This is achieved by only a small amount of electrical current drawn by the unit compared to other such examples of heating. Plus, you also have the added benefit of cooling your environment throughout the summer.

Take control of your environment
with Max Cooling.

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total environmental control can be for you.

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