Maintenance is important to carry out annually. Max Cooling offers a high quality, low cost service which prolongs the life of your system. This produces greater efficiency and maintains a safe environment.

As air travels through the indoor unit coil, dust and various bacteria collect on the filters.

Regular maintenance visits will control and preserve a healthy environment.

Reasons to maintain

Are you up to date with the latest F-gas Regulations?

In early July 2007, F-gas regulation No.842/2006 became law.

The above regulation places a legal responsibility on the owner/end users of installed refrigeration and air conditioning equipment in an effort to dramatically reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as refrigerants.

As an owner/end user of air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, it is your responsibility to ensure that the personnel you appoint to service and maintain your equipment are fully qualified and trained.

It is also the owner/end users responsibility to ensure that all new installed equipment has been clearly labelled with the type and amount of refrigerant it contains by the installers.

As the owner/end user, you are required to have your equipment leak tested regularly and repair any known leaks as soon as possible. It is also the responsibility of the owner/end user to keep records of the refrigerant type, quantity and any refrigerant lost or added on each individual unit on your premises.

As part of our services at Max Cooling, we will manage the documentation, administration and all of the above services free of charge for any new maintenance contract customers.

If your system does not receive regular maintenance, the following may incur;

  • System will work harder and will suffer more wear and tear
  • Greater amount of electricity consumed
  • Less cooling/heating effect
  • Noise levels rise
  • Increasing the probability of breakdown
  • Breakdown and repair charges can be expensive
  • Appearance deteriorates rapidly
  • Bacteria may cause illness

The lifetime of all your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment can be extended by Max Cooling, providing maintenance visits at regular intervals.

Max Cooling can offer a maintenance contract package for total piece of mind. We also offer a 24-hour 365-day emergency call-out service to all of our maintenance contract customers.

Don’t get caught out in the summer

Service calls are available to anyone who contacts us however, our maintenance contract customers receive priority response and discounted prices.

Further discounts are awarded for maintenance contract customers.

What is included on our maintenance visits?

Subject to contract terms and conditions.
  1. Carry out operational checks on each individual unit
    • Cooling mode
    • Heating mode (if applicable)
    • Various other modes your system may incur
    • Fan speeds
    • Louvers
  2. Clean, wash and treat filters
    • Removal of any dust particles
    • Application of anti-bacterial cleaner
    • Application of scented spray if required
  3. Check and test condensate drains and pumps
    • Replace pump hoses if necessary
    • Dismantle pump a clean through
  4. Clean unit fascia in an effort to look as presentable as possible
  5. Inspect evaporator coil and chemically clean throughout
  6. Inspect condenser coil and chemically clean throughout 
    • Straighten any damaged condenser fins
  7. Apply scented jelly if required (may incur a small extra cost)
  8. Adjust controls if required (time and time clocks)
  9. Check evaporator fan blade and fan blade bearing
  10. Check condenser fan blade, fan blade housing and fan blade bearing
  11. Check all wiring connections and wire condition
  12. Clean condenser casing thoroughly
  13. Inspect each system thoroughly
    • Search pipework for any signs of a refrigerant leak
    • Check evaporator coil on and off temperatures to insure perfect working operation
    • Check start up and running amps
    • Signs of rust
    • Signs of vermin that may incur a fault (eating through wires)
    • Inspect all aspects to ensure all is totally safe to all concerned
  14. Check and log any fault code history and attempt to resurrect any faults
  15. Check crank case heaters
  16. Check all electrical readings
  17. Check overload settings
  18. Inspect relays and fuses
  19. Check both indoor and outdoor units are fixed securely and safely
  20. Check for any aspects which could lead to major fault at a later date
  21. Check unit for sound readings if necessary
  22. Check for unusual vibrations
  23. Check compressor blanket
  24. Log all work done to each unit in supplied site log book

It is our policy at Max Cooling to cause as little disruption as possible. As Max Cooling understands the inconvenience of our presence in the busy work place, we intend to complete our maintenance tasks promptly without compromising on our service.

We at Max Cooling also do not tie the customer into a minimum 2 or 3 hour call out charge even if the call out only takes 30 minutes. We do not agree in spending 30minuites on site correcting a fault and charging the customer a minimum 3hour call out fee.

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